Tooth retention

Root canal and gum treatment: Our goal is your dental health.

We strive to keep your teeth healthy as long as possible so you won't need any dentures.

Tooth retention is primarily a matter of preventive prophylaxis with regular professional tooth cleaning (PTC).

If your dental health deteriorates, we may proceed with root canal treatment (endodontics) to preserve your teeth, which includes the use of a laser to disinfect the root canals. Gum treatment (periodontics) may also be indicated.

If, despite intensive efforts, we are unable to preserve your teeth, we can offer you various denture solutions, including with metal-free materials: dental restorations made of ceramic, gold or plastic materials, for example, where we take care to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible. We can also remove your old amalgam fillings at the same time if you wish.

Our goal is to fully restore the appearance, as well as the biting function, of your teeth and thus contribute to your dental health.

Interested in learning more about the possibilities of tooth retention? Then feel free to print out our flyers available in the download area - or contact us personally!

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