Dental aesthetics

Aesthetic handiwork: All-ceramic dentures, invisible braces, veneers and bleaching

Crowns, bridges or dental prostheses...

...these are the traditional concepts that come to mind when you think of dentures. However, today's dental aesthetics offers even more options to enhance your quality of life with customised, high-quality dentures, a gleaming white smile or beautiful, straight teeth.

Today, traditional materials such as dental gold are hardly used anymore. Newly developed, modern materials have long since proven and established themselves in dental aesthetics. Ceramics in particular meet high aesthetic standards: ceramic restorations, such as crowns or fillings in tooth colour (inlays), are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth in texture and colour.

Many of our patients would like to live their lives confidently, with a beaming smile. At the Lindeman dental practice, we give nature a helping hand with a professional teeth cleaning, bleaching or even an anterior tooth veneer. Invisible braces or splints can be used to straighten out the odd tooth, even in adults.

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