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Marten Jan Lindeman (MSc)

"My profession is both my passion and my hobby: Working as a dentist in my hometown of Zeven is very fulfilling.

Following my studies in Munich and Hamburg, I spent my assistantship from 1991 to 1993 in a dental practice focused on surgery and implantology. Modern dentistry without implants became unthinkable for me. It was thus only logical to certify the experience I gained over more than ten years with a master's degree in implantology in 2005. I then added a master's degree in oral surgery in 2010. Since establishing my practice in 1994, I have thus placed more than 1,000 implants from German and Swedish premium suppliers.

There's always something new to learn

I consider lifelong learning (LLL) to be part of normal life, especially since my profession is very fulfilling. That is why I am constantly taking part in further training for my patients in order to learn from the best in the dental industry. When I come back to my dental practice in Zeven from the U.S., Asia or European countries, I bring the dental progress along in my suitcase - new treatments options and materials to ensure the best possible treatment for my patients.

I continue with training in all areas of dentistry in order to offer my patients the options they desire. Alongside implantology and oral surgery, laser treatment (since 1997) or metal-free dentures with the CEREC® system (since 1995) belong to the treatment range offered by the Lindeman dental practice.

I am currently specialising (with yet another master's degree) in aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, which includes complex four-quadrant restoration: I apply implantology, oral surgery, periodontic and prosthodontic techniques with the objective of restoring my patients' teeth to an almost natural state. An exciting challenge!

Committed to staying on the cutting edge

I am a member of numerous professional societies. Although I cannot always be present at all the activities of the professional associations, I nevertheless receive very valuable input for the treatment of my patients via publications, training courses and exchanging specialist information with colleagues.

I am a member of the following associations:

  • The Leading Dentists of the World
  • German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry e. V.
  • Federation of Dentists Working with Implantations in Europe e. V.
  • German Society for Dental Implantology e. V.
  • German Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery e. V.
  • German Society for Periodontology e. V.
  • German Society for Laser Dentistry e. V.
  • German Society for Computer-assisted Dentistry e. V.
  • American Dental Association
  • World Dental Federation

Personal life

One leitmotif of my life - "Always be curious and never stop learning" - is reflected in my further training activities. I have also set myself the goal of helping those in need: In recent years, I have been on the road for several weeks each year to help out with humanitarian operations in Israel, Kenya and India. This volunteer work gives me a lot of energy for treating my own patients in Zeven.

In everyday life, I stay in shape with physical activities: triathlon, running, road and mountain biking, swimming and weight training are among my active hobbies, as well as surfing, windsurfing or skiing on holidays. I can truly unwind when listening to live music - I enjoy going to concerts with my three children. I love seeing them grow up and strive for happiness."

Nina Kristien Lindeman

"The combination of medicine, aesthetics and manual skill inspired me to pursue dentistry from the start. Dealing with people on a daily basis and the individual challenges of each patient are something I find to be particularly valuable about this profession, which motivates and drives me time and again.

Computer-assisted dentistry, implantology and oral surgery in particular began to fascinate me during my studies in Giessen, which I started in 2010. I am looking forward to continuing to improve my skills in these therapeutic areas with a variety of further training courses.

A special highlight during my studies was my humanitarian engagement in Tonga in the summer of 2013. This great experience gave me a variety of vivid impressions of the field of dentistry. The gratitude of the people there in particular reconfirmed my feeling of having chosen the right career.

The possibility of cooperating closely with my father and continuously sharing information and knowledge with him in a friendly and family relationship is a particularly motivating and stimulating opportunity that working in his dental practice brings me.

I am pleased to have been a new member of the ambitious and forward-looking Lindeman dental practice team since April 2016!"

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