Holistic dentistry

The Lindeman dental practice focuses on holistic dentistry.

Greater quality of life - for example, using metal-free materials and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) diagnostics.

At the Lindeman dental practice, as experienced clinicians and together with our dedicated team as well as carefully selected partners, we leverage all of our expertise in order to preserve the health of our patients as long as possible, restore it as fully as possible, and accompany you even when you are enjoying good health.

That is why we are always trying to think outside the box in our everyday dentistry work.

Holistic dentistry at the Lindeman dental practice means: We initially tackle gingivitis with a thorough tooth cleaning and possibly with laser treatment. If needed, this is accompanied by nutritional counselling or smoking cessation. If patients report having regular headaches, we may refer them to an ear, nose and throat specialist, while also consulting with a physiotherapist in order to relieve any possible tensions. As part of TMJ diagnostics (CMD), as dentists, we also examine you for possible misalignments of the temporomandibular joint. Finally, replacing amalgam fillings with metal-free material, or prescribing an anti-snoring splint as part of our holistic treatment approach contributes to the greatest possible well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

We are always "on the move" for you, accompanying you throughout a healthy life as comprehensively as possible and over the long term.

Don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to providing you with comprehensive advice.

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