Oral surgery

From a single source: surgery and traditional dentistry under one roof.

Our holistic approach: root end resection, wisdom tooth extraction and bone construction, right here at the dental practice.

In addition to my master's degree in implantology, I, Marten January Lindeman, have also completed a master's in oral surgery and thus have comprehensive training in the field of dental surgery. Combined with over 20 years of professional experience, I can therefore offer my patients at our dental practice in Zeven the holistic treatment required to maintain their health or restore it as fully as possible.

Carefully diagnosis and precise treatment - that is our approach in all our surgical procedures. If the diagnosis is, for example, made using 3-D X-ray (DVT), we discuss the possible oral surgical treatments with you:

  • Implants
  • (Wisdom) tooth removal
  • Artificial reconstruction of the jawbone
  • Removal of bone and soft tissue cysts
  • Maxillary sinus operations (internal and external sinus lift)
  • Root tip resection
  • Gingival grafts

We very much want to avoid causing you pain during the surgical procedures!

Regardless of whether it is before, during or after receiving treatment at the Lindeman dental practice, you should never have to worry about feeling pain. That is why we discuss with you what painkillers you tolerate well and what type of anaesthesia to use during surgery. Or whether perhaps hypnosis is your preferred method. In most cases local anaesthesia, which anaesthetises only the directly affected area, or even the use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is sufficient.

Feel free to ask us about any questions you may have!

And be sure to carefully read through our information sheet "Behaviour before and after surgery" before any planned surgery.

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