Dental implants: Small root - big boost to your zest for life.

Our implant-supported dentures let you live life to the full again.

The reasons for tooth loss are varied. Regardless of whether you have lost teeth due to accident, illness or the ageing process, at the Lindeman dental practice we can often restore an almost natural state. Implants have formed the basis for modern dental restorations for many years now. Whether it is only a single tooth, larger gaps or an edentulous jaw - implant-supported dentures often help us find a fitting solution.

No other treatment comes so close to restoring the original state of your teeth!

The small artificial dental implant root is used with success rates of up to 95%. In 2014, over one million dental implants were anchored in patients' jaws in Germany alone. Our dental practice in Zeven also provides completely new teeth as part of computer-assisted planning that includes the abutment, retaining screw and crown. In doing so, we use only German premium implant products.

Detailed information is available in our implantology flyer.

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